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  • Classic International Public School, Beside NH-4, Kelgeri, Dharwad, Karnataka 580007

    The Library is well stacked with a plethora of books from various disciplines. Students are expected to make optimum use of library hours allotted to the respective classes. Library rules and regulations are to be strictly observed by each student.

    The Library rules are as follows:-

    • Perfect silence is to be maintained in the library.
    • Writing or underlining in the library books is strictly forbidden.
    • Students are not allowed to carry their school bags inside the library.
    • All students can avail the library facility on working Saturdays.


    Punctuality and regularity of attendance is a must at all times. Students should have a minimum of 80% attendance. A leave note duly signed by the parent must be furnished beforehand, failing which a leave letter should be produced to the teacher for signature, on return to school. A student who remains absent from the class continuously for two weeks or more without prior permission from the Principal will be considered to have left the school. In case of leave due to illness, a medical certificate should be furnished to the school. Leave will not be granted on the days of tests/examinations and on the re-opening day. Parents are to plan their vacations to coincide with the school holidays.


    • Students must be in the school campus by 9:30 a.m. Latecomers will have to fill in their late coming record, get it signed by the teacher in-charge and have the same acknowledged by their parents. Habitual late coming will be viewed seriously.
    • Students must come to school daily in a neat and clean uniform. Neatness and cleanliness is to be insisted upon at all times.
    • Parents should ensure that their child does not wear the school uniform after school hours.
    • Students are not allowed to leave the school during lunch break keeping their safety in consideration. All students should compulsorily have lunch in the school premises. 
    • Parents should not take their child away from their class during school hours to attend social functions as it hinders the child’s progress and minimises his/her respect for regular work.
    • Permission will not be granted to students to leave the school campus during school hours. In case of an emergency, the parents should contact the school.
    • Students can use the school telephone with prior permission.
    • Textbooks and notebooks should be brought to school as per the class time table. No book other than the prescribed textbooks, paper or periodicals should be brought to school.
    • Notebooks, assignments and project work should be submitted promptly.
    • Students should not bring costly items or pocket money to school. Lending or borrowing money in school is prohibited. Students are forbidden from bringing colours, crackers, explosives and other hazardous materials to school
    • No Birthday celebrations will be allowed in school. Only distribution of sweets is permitted.
    • Children and parents should not offer any present or gifts to teachers nor should they bring in any gift or cake to be distributed to their classmates on their birthdays.
    • Self-help is to be encouraged to inculcate the idea of dignity of work.
    • It is quite necessary that the student cultivates the best etiquette and conducts himself/herself well in school and wherever he/she goes. It is important that the students bear in mind the fact that the school is judged by their conduct, behaviour and performance.
    • Students should always greet their teachers, elders and friends in an amiable and audible tone whenever they meet in or outside school.
    • All students are expected to be fair, honest, courteous and considerate towards others.
    • Students should not tamper with the belongings of their fellow mates.
    • Malpractice during examination and tampering with marks in the Progress Report will be viewed seriously.
    • Students should take care of school property and keep their classrooms absolutely clean and tidy. Writing, scratching on desks, chairs, walls or doors of the school is prohibited.
    • Children suffering from contagious/infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school till the quarantine period is over and unless a fitness certificate from a Medical practitioner is produced.
    • The school authorities reserve the right to dismiss those students whose conduct can be detrimental to other students.


    Leave of absence is not granted except for serious reasons. In the case of illness, where the application cannot be sent in advance, the office should be informed through telephone.