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  • Transportation Facilities


    Dear Parents kindly note that vehicle service has to be provided in very short time (45 mins to 1 hour) without affecting the school timing. It is very difficult to maintain the schedule of pickup and drop. We are trying hard to give our best service. But it is only possible with your co-operation and co-ordination. In this regard we request you to follow the following instructions.

    •    Child must be ready five minutes before the vehicle arrives to your house and should stand outside the gate or at the pickup/drop point                                given to you. If the child is not ready at the time of vehicle arrival, the driver does not wait to pick the child. Because it affects all pickup  schedule.
    •      You should keep your door or gate open when your child is about to reach the house from school and you should be ready to take your child.
    •      You should always maintain good relation with vehicle staff. Please do not scold with bad words. If you find any inconvenience /                                             problem inform the management immediately.
    •      If you have any problem regarding vehicle service kindly call the vehicle In charge- 8197049784 or visit the school personally.
    •      Vehicle fee must be paid at a time or in two installments only. 1st installment June to October and 2nd installment November to March. Always get              the receipt for the payment.
    •      Prior information should be given to the vehicle staff when the child is going to be absent and on the day you need the vehicle service.
    •      In case you are not at home when child is about to reach home, please inform the driver in advance.
    •      Please keep your child’s driver and helper’s contact number.
    •      All the students should obey the respective staff, monitor, helper, the driver and conductor of their buses.
    •      Do not get in/ get down the bus while it is moving or at the signals/Crossings etc.

    For any further information or other issues contact:

    9902043353, 8197049780/ 81,  0836-2775791